Key Contacts in Member Institutions
Primary Contacts
Centrale Bank Van Aruba
Mr. Prakash Mungra
General Manager,
Supervisory Issues

Central Bank Of Barbados
Mrs. Marlene Bayne
Bank Supervision

Central Bank Of Belize
Mrs. Diane Gongora
Assistant Manager
Financial Sector Supervision

Financial Services Commission (BVI)
Mr. Kenneth Baker
Banking And Fiduciary Services

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Mr Charles Llako
Head Of Banking Supervision

Bank Of Guyana
Mr. Ramnarine Lal
Bank Supervision Department

Bank Of Jamaica
Miss Maurene Simms
Deputy Governor
Financial Institutions Supervisory Division

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Mr. Kennedy Byron
Bank Supervision Department

Centrale Bank Van Suriname
Mrs. Ingeborg Geduld-nijman
Supervision Department

Central Bank Of Trinidad And Tobago
Mrs Michelle Chong Tai-Bell
Inspector Of Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions Supervision Department

Secretariat Contacts